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A small group from the office got to visit the construction site of the Westview Village Affordable Housing second phase last week. The 105 dwellings spread over 3 lots are sub-phased for construction, so we saw footings being dug and rebar placed for a few buildings, concrete footings and foundations being poured at another building, and wood framed walls being placed already at some buildings. The walls are being pre-fabricated offsite and trucked to the site to be set in place and connected to the foundations and each other. This approach takes more coordination time prior to arrival at the site but speeds up construction at the site and results in less waste.

The completed first phase of 131 dwellings is seen in the background. Similar street frontages will continue in the new phase.

View of the marks on the framing, some for the fabrication off-site to place the studs along the wood sill plate; other notes to signify which building and location in the building to place and connect the wall.

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