About Us

Mainstreet Architects and Planners, Inc. was founded in 1983 and has enjoyed a long-standing reputation throughout the region for providing quality design work, with contributions in architecture, community planning, and urban design.


Mainstreet, as one word, speaks to our roots in a tradition of urban sensibility, but with an eye toward creating contemporary design responses through new and sustainable models. Through this work, we have established ourselves as a firm of quality, integrity, and vision. Our practice remains diverse, including commercial, civic and institutional facilities, infill housing and mixed-use projects. Community planning and urban design continue to be a strength, though recently this work has been primarily project-based, in association with specific architectural efforts.


In the past decade we have developed a strong specialty in affordable and market-rate multifamily housing, working with local housing authorities, non-profit affordable and private developers. We continue to invest energy in working to educate our community members and leaders about strategies to create denser, quality development while helping to preserve and improve the neighborhoods in which we work.


In recent years, we have also developed a specialty in the architecture of water facilities, working with municipalities and engineering firms to provide architectural support for these civic facilities. Our design work for the Advanced Water Purification Facility in Oxnard garnered national attention and design awards.


We consider ourselves a force for good, and we are actively involved in our communities. We provide certain charitable services on a pro bono basis, and others at a reduced fee. Our clients for such works have included Habitat for Humanity, Turning Point Foundation, the Ventura Botanical Garden, and Catholic Charities, among others.


Our Team

For nearly four decades, Mainstreet has been a place of learning and exploration. We have mentored many young architects, and have immersed ourselves in the life and evolution of the communities we serve.


At present, we are five licensed architects with a team of committed staff, all focused on serving our clients and the communities in which we work; to imagine their futures, creating visions and plans for change. Through these efforts we have established a reputation for excellence across the county, working collaboratively on quality projects.


Work and Passion

In many ways, the whole of Ventura County is like a big small town, where political boundaries often blur and fear of change is prevalent. In this unique coastal setting, our towns and cities are still visibly separated from each other, and we have not yet succumbed to the forces of sprawl that devour so much of the land in regions to our south. Much of the opposition to new development is rooted in the fear that this distinction will be lost.


Though the numbers are smaller, Ventura County faces the same conditions seen in Los Angeles; housing is in critically short supply, and businesses are struggling to retain good employees and continued growth.


In this light, it has become one of our core missions to educate and demonstrate that we can evolve to meet our housing and economic needs within existing urban boundaries, and that through thoughtful planning, we can do this AND make our communities more walkable, livable, and sustainable for generations to come.


We thrive on helping communities imagine their futures, creating visions and plans for change. And we've had the privilege of trust, to help implement these changes through projects tailored to meet our client’s and community's goals.